CAD Parts

High Accuracy CAD Files Available to Builders for Free

Compared to approximating component weights in a spreadsheet, modeling your robot's parts in CAD gives you a lot of advantages. Not only will you be better able to approximate the size of your robot and account for wiring, but the center of gravity of the design will be much more accurate. Additionally, these high accuracy CAD models provided by Team RECR are perfect for CAD visuals or renders where you want your parts to look good.

Check out all of our FREE high accuracy CAD files available to download below:

Castle Mamba Monster X

CAD design of the Castle Creations Mamba Monster X (010-0145-00) with the fan removed. Please see Castle's Webpage for additional specs.

Weight: 108 grams

10,000μF 25 Volt 35 x 18 Capacitor

CAD design of a huge 10,000μF capacitor used to smooth our ripple current on high powered bots. Original listing can be found on Amazon, and a similar model with detailed specs can be found on Mouser.

Weight: 11 grams

Alien Power System 5065S Outrunner

High detail CAD model of the 5065 sensored outrunner motor made by Alien Power System. Model includes bearing sizes, set screw and snap ring part numbers, and detailed inside clearances. More info can be sound on the APS spec page.

Weight: 448 grams (w/ 6" wire tails & connectors)

Brushless Mega Spark Shock Mount

RE Combat Robotics has developed a shock isolation clamp mount for the popular Brushless Mega Spark motor and gearbox combo used on many 3lb and 12lb combat robots. This particular v1 design was successfully tested of Kaleidoscope v2, and features full mount and output shaft isolation.

  • The TPU clamps and bearings blocks were printed at 100% infill Priline TPU

  • The spin plate attached to the front of the gearbox was made from 1.5mm carbon fiber

  • All other part specs can be found on McMaster Carr

Weight: 198 grams as shown

Lumenier N2O Feather-Lite 1300mAh 6S 150c Lipo Battery (XT-60)

Accurate CAD model of the 1300mAh Lumenier N2O Feather-Lite 6S 150c battery from Get FPV. Full electrical specs are listed on the product page.

Weight: 225 grams (w/ wire tails & connectors)

Parameterized XL Timing Pulley

This XL timing belt pulley model is controlled by parameters in Fusion 360 to allow for perfect 3D printable profiles at any tooth count desired!

A set size 30 tooth XL pulley STEP file is also included with the file download for those without Fusion 360. If you need a custom pulley CAD file exported in a different format, please contact with you request.

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