AR600 Armor Plate

When You Need The Best, Choose AR600

RE Combat Robotics is a supplier of AR600 Armor Plate!  We provide low cost, precision waterjet cutting of various thicknesses of AR600 plate, as well as machining of complex features.

In addition to AR600, we can also waterjet cut and machine hard-to-find, thick plates of AR500 and AR450 upon request.

What Thicknesses Do You Stock?

RE Combat Robotics currently carries 0.200", 0.250", 0.400", and 0.600" AR600 plate*.  If you need a different thickness for a specific part, we can also cut plate of AR500 and AR450 as thin as 1/8", up to 3" thick.

0.250" AR600 is currently Out of Stock.

0.200" AR600 is currently Low on Stock.

*0.200" and 0.400" AR600 thicknesses are nominal size.  0.250" AR600 is 0.260" nominal, and 0.600" AR600 is 0.595" nominal.  Thickness tolerance is ±.010".  AR500, AR450, or other specialty wear plate thickness tolerances cannot be guaranteed by RE Combat Robotics ahead of time.

Why AR600 Over AR500?

While you can read into the exact specification of AR600 that RE Combat Robotics sells further down on this page, the short story is this:

AR600 has a higher through hardness, higher tensile strength, and lower elongation at break than AR500, all while retaining the high durability and impact toughness of AR500.  This means AR600 parts will hold an edge longer, get better bites on armor, and bend significantly less under high impact loads than AR500.

In terms of real world performance, a weapon-on-weapon hit between a vertical spinner and an AR600 armed horizontal spinner resulted in the horizontal's blade bending 0.125"*.  When the same vertical spinner hit a similarly sized AR500 armed horizontal spinner, their blade bent 1.5"!**.  That's 12 times less deflection than AR500, all without breaking, and taking less tooth damage during the exchange.

*DOOMBA vs Pramheda, NHRL November 2022: 9.5" diameter 2 tooth blade made from 0.400" AR600.

**KillaJoule vs Pramheda, NHRL November 2022: 10" diameter 3 tooth blade made from 0.375" AR500.

Can AR600 Be Welded?

Yes!  AR600 can be welded with great success.  Excluding 0.250" thickness material, AR600 weldments should be preheated before welding, then a mild steel filler rod used to create a ductile joint*.  For TIG welding, our preferred filler rod is ER70S2.

0.250" AR600 sold by RE Combat Robotics is different than our other thicknesses in that it is specifically designed to be welded at room temperature (no preheat required!) with ER120S filler wire.  This allows large chassis and weldments to be more easily welded without the use of torches, blankets, or ovens to keep a consistent temperature.  Additionally, the added strength of the ER120S filler wire creates much stronger joints that would otherwise be possible using ER70S2.

*Exact preheat values can be found in the specifications tab below.

How Much Does This Cost?  How do I pay for This?

For 2D waterjet cut profiles, customers should expect to pay roughly 2x what the same part would cost to be laser cut from AR500.  Shipping, additional 3D machining, and post processing such as sandblasting or powder coat would be extra if requested.

RE Combat Robotics handles payments by sending an invoice out through Square that is Payable by credit card.

Lead Time & Shipping

Standard lead time for waterjet cut AR600 is 2 weeks.  Specialty thicknesses of AR500 or AR450, very large AR600 parts, and 3D post machining may require additional time.  Shipping cost is additional and calculated based off size and weight.

Pick-up in Dayton Ohio, or delivery at an event Team RECR is attending is FREE.


General AR600 Specifications:

Density: 0.2792 lbs/in3 (vs 0.2823 lbs/in3 for AR500)

Hardness: 570 - 640 HBW (vs 470-530 HBW for AR500)

Impact Toughness: 20J Typical (vs 36J for AR500, & 14J for 53 HRC S7)

Yield Strength: 239ksi Typical (vs 215ksi for AR500)

Tensile Strength: 290ksi Typical (vs 240ksi for AR500)

Elongation at Break: 7% (vs 8% for AR500)

0.200" AR600 supplied by RE Combat Robotics is forged by Swebor as SB600 Wear Plate.  SB600 arrives with a greyish black mill scale over the surface of the part.  Included below is the official specification document.  For more info, please visit Swebor's Website.

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0.250" AR600 supplied by RE Combat Robotics is manufactured in the USA as Flash 600 by Flash Steel Works.  Note that Flash 600 is special in that it can be welded at room temperature, and with ER120S filler wire.  If designing a welded AR600 assembly, this is the best material to choose.  Flash 600 arrives as a cold rolled plate with minimal mill scale.  Included below is multiple tensile reports of the product:

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0.400" and 0.600" AR600 supplied by RE Combat Robotics is forged by SSAB as Hardox 600 Wear Plate.  Hardox 600 arrives with a reddish brown weldable primer over the part.  Included below are the official specification documents.  For more info, please visit SSAB's website.

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